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Aug 4, 2015

GERALDINE GUERON-280x280Geraldine Gueron, PhD.

Geraldine Gueron is a molecular biologist. She earned her Masters and PhD degree in Biological Chemistry at the School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently working in the field of molecular oncology. She has obtained several awards, of note the Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator award and the Innovators under 35 MIT Technology Review Award for her initiative. She’s also a former member of the Associate member council for the American Association for Cancer Research, advocating for the professional development of early career-scientists in cancer research.

She’s passionate when it comes to health knowledge. In 2010 she co-founded together with Daniel Nofal, a technology entrepreneur, an open data project that aggregates health data over entire lifetimes to become a revolutionary resource for health research.

00:00 Geraldine talks about DataDonors and what it is.
03:00 The kind of data that DataDonors collects.
04:30 How genetic data and lifestyle data can affect your health differently.
05:30 The source by which DataDonors gathers data at the patient level (by individual choice).
06:00 Who may analyze this data.
07:20 How a patient can upload their own data to DataDonors, and the benefit of doing so.
08:00 Who may access this information beyond the individual patient.
10:00 The need for a platform like DataDonors.
12:00 The community support that DataDonors has so that it suits the needs of the community, not one specific financial backer.
13:00 DataDonors is a part of the WikiHealth Foundation.
15:45 “We have come to the era of personalized medicine.”
18:00 How a small behavioral change can create immense positive change in the healthcare world.
20:00 How the wealth of data in modern healthcare is essential to improving healthcare moving forward.
21:30 How companies can use and process DataDonors data to create these healthcare improvements.
23:00 The usefulness of artificial intelligence in analyzing and finding patterns within DataDonors data.
24:00 How DataDonors protects privacy by separating health data from each individual patient’s profile.
26:00 Aggregated data is fixed data.
30:00 Both patients that want to donate data, as well as researchers looking to use data on DataDonors can go to to find what they are looking for.