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Jul 29, 2015

Adam SharpAdam Sharp, MD is a founder at par8o and serves as president and chief medical officer. Adam oversees the development of par8o’s product offerings, ensuring that the clinical usability and ultimate value to the care delivery process are at the forefront of par8o’s development processes. Prior to launching par8o, Adam was a founding team member of SERMO, Inc., where he also served as the chief medical officer and focused on all aspects of the SERMO physician membership experience. In that role, Adam created positive peer-to-peer interactions and ensured that all physician-client engagements were mutually beneficial and rewarding.

Adam earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Indiana University, completed medical school at Tel Aviv University and trained in emergency medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Adam is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

00:00 Adam discusses Par8o.
02:50 “You can’t manage risk without managing referrals.”
05:30 How coordination care leads to population health management.
07:17 “How do we ensure that when a patient is in need of a resource, they gain access to said resource?”
08:00 Par8o’s cloud-based system that allows providers, patients, and data to work together to achieve the best care.
09:10 What exactly the Par8o system is.
10:45 “The best solution is the most obvious solution.”
11:00 How Par8o manages referrals.
11:45 What the patient and provider experience looks like when Par8o enters the care-giving space.
13:00 “Par8o takes a system that was very reactive and makes it proactive.”
13:30 How Par80’s system is accessible to providers and practices at all levels of digitalization.
16:30 A summary of how a provider finds and uses Par8o for their patients.
19:00 The 1.2 million provider profiles, and growing, available in the Par8o database.
20:30 How the Par8o system works to make all providers’ technology systems interoperable.
24:00 How Par8o got their first client, MGM Resorts.
26:00 How a payer-provider works with Par8o.
27:50 What’s on the Par8o analytics dashboard.
33:00 “If you’re proactive with your patients, they tend to be more proactive with their care.”
34:00 For more information, check out