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Jul 9, 2015

Sahba Ferdowsi

Dr. Ferdowsi is a Magna Cum Laude Founding Physician at Healthtap, a web service that connects a medical expert network of over 69,000 high quality US doctors with people seeking answers to their health related questions. He is also the founding physician at Concierge Medical Services, a concierge based medical service that provides patients with home-based, compassionate care with an unwavering commitment to excellence for their healthcare needs.

Dr. Ferdowsi completed his undergraduate studies at Emory University with B.S. in Biological Anthropology in 1999, and attended Midwestern University for his postgraduate medical studies, graduating with D.O. in Osteopathic Medicine in 2003. After completing his internship year, Dr. Ferdowsi attended Vanderbilt University Medical Center as an anesthesiology resident until 2006. After Vanderbilt University, Dr. Ferdowsi completed his residency in Family Medicine in 2008 in Miami, and has since been practicing in a variety of urgent care, family medicine, and sports medicine roles in different capacities from attending physician to medical director.

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00:00 Sahba gives an overview of Medicast, where Sahba is Chief Medical Officer.
00:45 How Medicast started as a direct-to-consumer model and transitioned to the being the first mobile platform that allows a direct interaction between patients and providers.
02:00 How Medicast partners with Provider Organizations.
04:10 What Medicast provides as a competitive advantage.
04:15 Defining “Optimize Logistics.”
05:30 How Medicast integrates into EHR and handles other logistics in order to create more efficiency and reduce errors.
07:30 How Medicast works on the provider side, in terms of scheduling and patient visits.
08:40 The flexibility that Medicast offers providers.
09:00 Sahba’s recommendation for Health Systems to provide more flexible schedules for healthcare providers.
13:00 What the Health Systems that now work with Medicast were looking to accomplish when they first approached Medicast.
14:40 From an industry perspective, how a Health System benefits from home-health, primary care visits.
16:30 What data that Medicast gathers and how this can help educate and improve the health of individual patients and users.
21:00 The back-end of the Medicast system, its specification and what this looks like.
24:45 The importance of customer service for Medicast.
26:50 The three reasons a Health System would move towards a home-health model via a platform like Medicast.
31:00 Why the Medicast co-pay is higher than a typical co-pay and the value-based reasoning behind that.
35:00 You can find out more information at Medicast is looking to expand out to more Healthcare providers, Health Systems, Hospitals, etc.