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Jan 26, 2015

salim_kizaralySalim Kizaraly is the Founder and SVP of Business Development at Stella Technology, a healthcare information technology company assisting healthcare executives and their teams in solving their care coordination, physician collaboration and systems integration challenges through innovative products and services.

Salim's exposure to a variety of positions ranging from Engineering to Sales provides him a great insight into the health IT market, customers and technologies. In his latest role prior to founding Stella Technology, he managed the Solution Architecture team at Axolotl/OptumInsight, which supported Sales Executives by providing consultative services and domain expertise to promote the acquisition of the Optum Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution.

In between his tenures at Axolotl, Salim was a Product Manager with InterComponentWare (ICW), a global eHealth company where he helped define and drive US requirements for ICW’s provider connectivity, as well as care and disease management suites.

Salim has contributed to several industry papers and articles on HIE and health IT. He graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Computing from the University of the West of England (UK), and a MA in Commerce and Sales from the Université de Savoie (France).

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Social media: @Stella_Inc • @SKizaraly

00:00 Salim talks about working at one of the first Health Information Exchanges: Axolotl.
01:30 Axolotl rose out of a Provider need.
3:05 Why Axolotl has its name.
4:07 What an HIE (Health Information Exchange) does.
7:35 The variety of HIEs operating in healthcare today.
9:40 Salim talks Stella Technologies and what the company offers in terms of its three products.
12:40 Three Products: Integration Tool Kit, Clinical Staging Database, and Caredination.
15:35 Stella Technologies adaptation for drawing information from wearable health monitors via their Integration Tool Kit.
17:40 “Patients will become more involved in their own diagnosis than ever before.”
19:50 The Clinical Staging Database: what this is.
22:40 Systems of Care and how they are able to utilize the Clinical Staging Database.
25:00 How the Clinical Staging Database looks like an HIE, but is more of a tool set/tool kit than a HIE.
26:16 What Caredination as a technology backbone promoting care collaboration, and an example of its use-base.
33:00 Patients and their care team can follow each other via Caredination so that those teams can be notified when something happens with the patient.
34:00 Caredination is both an application and a platform.
38:30 The changes in the industry, and how adaptable healthcare technology and information really is.