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Jan 20, 2015

sonni_munSonni obtained her medical degree at Louisiana State University in New Orleans and then completed an Internal Medicine residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She was eventually appointed Chief of Medical Services for the Palliative Care Service and Co-Director of Integrated Palliative Care/Geriatrics and Palliative Care/Oncology fellowships at Mount Sinai. During Sonni’s last clinical job as Medical Director of Visiting Nurse Service of New York’s inpatient hospice she became increasingly interested in using technology to facilitate communication with patients. After meeting Quality Reviews’ CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Edward Shin through a mutual colleague, Sonni joined the company in 2013 and is now Director of Account Management. Sonni occasionally works as a per diem hospitalist to maintain a connection to clinical medicine.


00:00 Sonni talks about how she got started.

2:00 Sonni went to medical school and fell in love with taking care of patients; however, the stress of taking care of patients and keeping up with administrative work made her reevaluate her career choice.

3:20 Why Sonni joined Rate My Hospital.

5:15 Sonni walks through the patient experience that Rate My Hospital offers.

9:50 The importance of getting feedback in a timely manner.

13:00 How Rate My Hospital identifies key people to make sure the surveys and feedback that patients are giving are seen by the right people and proper action is taken to provide the best patient experience possible.

18:00 Rate My Hospital’s surveys show that patients care most about waiting time when visiting the hospital.

18:50 Even more than wait time is the communication around wait time. Patients want clearer communication as to why they are waiting.

20:20 Why wait time is frustrating for patients.

21:20 Another thing that bothers patients: cleanliness.

24:00 Patients want to go to hospitals where they feel their needs are thought about and cared for.

25:15 Why HIPAA and patient privacy can create problems with communication.

28:45 Why hospitals choose to hire Rate My Hospital.

29:10 CMS mandate calls for hospitals to receive regular feedback from patients in order to keep regular payments from Medicare.

31:48 Patients more and more expect hospitals to provide active engagement; this means hospitals need to look towards customer loyalty.

33:25 Reasons why patient satisfaction is critical: Reimbursement and customer loyalty.

34:15 Sonni’s advice for improving patient experience at their facility.

37:20 Listeners can reach out to Sonni via