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Jan 12, 2015

Glen McCrackenDr. Glen McCracken is an Emergency Room Physician with 20 years’ experience. He has won the prestigious "Top Doctor" of Phoenix Award multiple years, an award given to only a few physicians per year in his specialty. From 2004 to 2006, Dr. McCracken served as President and CEO of Scottsdale Emergency Associates Ltd. (SEA).

Dr. McCracken served on behalf of SEA as Chairman of the Emergency Department of one of these facilities, Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. In 2009, Dr. McCracken pursued his passion for business and obtained an MBA from the University of Arizona. He has also served as Chief Medical Officer for several start- up companies including a telemedicine company Statdoctors and a Hospital Software company Medeci.

In his most recent venture he co-Founded eVisit an innovative telemedicine company that allows Physicians and healthcare providers to engage their patients, increasing their revenues by increasing work flow efficiencies and allowing payment for after hour work.

You can reach Glen via LinkedIn or e-mail him at

 00:00 Glen McCraken talks his “origin story”--How he found himself on the path of entrepreneurship.

2:00 There is a huge shortage of primary care doctors, leading to an influx in urgent care patients.
2:57 Glen McCraken recognized that this is a problem that needs solving, so he started StatDoctors.
3:36 What ‘Traditional TeleMedicine’ looks like.
5:10 Glen founded a company called eVisit.
5:20 What eVisit does.
6:35 The issues with patients who can’t see their primary doctors when they need/want to.
8:10 How Glen’s business allows patients to reach their primary doctors virtually, while also providing doctors with compensation for their consultations.
10:00 Glen walks us through using eVisit.
13:00 Do patients do well acknowledging when an eVisit is appropriate and when they really need to see a doctor in person?
14:50 Opportunity costs and how this fits into the eVisit world.
18:20 Wait time and convenience, and Glen’s findings about this.
22:15 Glen discusses his latest project.
26:20 The eVisit model vs. a Direct Subscription Model.
28:30 How hospitals can use eVisit to bring value to hospitals by limiting readmission through a free service for patients.
31:30 Glen gives advice to provider groups on what to ask before going the tech route.