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Jan 5, 2015

Bernie Vitti
Bernie Vitti is the Executive Director of Business Development at Pharma-Care, Inc. located in Clark, NJ. After a successful 30 year career as a director and supervisor at large pharmaceutical organizations such as Novartis and Pharmacia pharmaceuticals, he decided to change gears and join Pharma-Care, Inc. which was his stellar customer/account while at big pharma.

Bernie has been an intrepreneur at Pharma-Care, Inc. launching new and innovative Value Based Care Solutions and Medication Therapy Management (MTM), program initiatives throughout the Northeast metro area. MTM is a medication treatment plan that monitors efficacy and safety of medication therapy, enhancing medication adherence through patient empowerment and education, and documenting services to prescribers in order to maintain comprehensive patient care.

Bernie recently led Pharma-Care, Inc. to the first successful Value Based Care Solution to a large municipality in NJ. This is the first such program of its kind initiated in the NJ metro area. Bernie continues to dedicate Value Based Care Solutions to customers in need of resolving the never ending issues surrounding healthcare costs.

You can contact Bernie at or

00:00 How Bernie got started.
1:20 Bernie explains what a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist is.
5:30 What is the role of a Clinical Pharmacist, and how is this role valuable?
7:25 How do we integrate pharmacists and collaborate as a care team?
9:20 What is MTM, Medication Therapy Management?
13:15 “CMR”s are the Medicaid version of MTMs.
13:40 Even though there are pharmacists attached to most CMRs and MTMs, CMRs and MTMs are not considered medical services because pharmacists are not usually reimbursed for their service.
16:40 The options that a PVP plan has when choosing how to involve a pharmacist in CMRs.
17:30 Bernie advocates that one of the best options is hiring a live-in Pharmacist for PVP plans and CMRs.
18:20 There’s still so much to be decided though that it is difficult to say without a doubt what the best option is for pharmacists doing CMRs.
20:00 How Bernie demonstrated the success of bringing CMRs and MTMs to communities.
20:30 Bernie started this with the division of aging in each county of New Jersey.
21:10 CRT--Caregiver Recipient Training
23:20 Bernie started educating clients on Patient adherence.
24:20 Bernie explains the 4-1 ratio.
25:20 CRT funded by the state, Via-based benefit design was paid for by a Municipality.
27:50 How a Value-based design is compensated, even by cross-state entities.
29:40 Presentee-ism vs. Absentee-ism
35:30 Bernie gives listeners advice on launching their own MTM programs.
37:50 How to get ahold of Bernie:, 732.882.4869