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Dec 15, 2014

carly_stockdaleCarly Stockdale is the CEO of ChartRequest, a New York-based release of information technology company that manages and monetizes medical records requests on behalf of healthcare providers. The company has delivered on its mission to make information exchange fluid and reduce the time and compliance resources hospitals and physician practices must devote to release of information. Since formation in 2012, the company has facilitated requests for health information among 500 provider institutions nationally.

Prior to joining ChartRequest, Carly served as a strategy consultant and fellow at Massachusetts General Physician’s Organization. She is a self-proclaimed enthusiast of alternative investing, woodwork and welding, and is an avid skier. Carly received her B.A. from Yale University and her M.P.H. from Yale University School of Public Health. You can reach Carly at or learn more about ChartRequest at

00:00 Carly talks about who she is and how she got started with ChartRequest.
01:25 What ChartRequest does, and how it works with hospitals, patients, and other healthcare providers.
02:00 The glitches in the process of deliver healthcare detracts from the quality of healthcare.
2:45 Carly explains what a Medical Record is.
4:15 Why not having access to a patient’s prior medical records increases the cost of healthcare.
5:00 Carly goes into more detail about ChartRequest.
6:00 The company’s approach to improving health information exchange.
6:45 ChartRequest’s solution to exchanging healthcare records digitally confidentially.
7:40 Carly gives two real-world examples of the issues the healthcare world is facing in exchanging medical records.
9:30 The differences in how small clinics and large clinics approach healthcare management and information exchange.
10:30 How the dated practice of faxing medical records cuts into the workflow at clinics and other healthcare provider businesses.
14:00 How the difficulties with transferring medical records can affect ratings and subsequently hurt clinic funding.
21:30 The ChartRequest system--how it works.
22:00 The ChartRequest registration and set-up takes only 15 minutes.
25:00 How ChartRequest considers the requests of patients and providers alike.
26:50 “Our platform actually facilitates a greater health-information exchange that’s necessary to convey all the transactions of a patient visit.”
26:20 Health information and health information exchange is a highly regulated capacity of the healthcare space.
30:50 Sometimes the regulations that are designed to protect the patient hinder the quality of healthcare provided.
31:40 Carly’s suggestions for first steps to take when deciding to improve your business’s health information protocols.
33:30 Carly can be reached by email, and more information can be found on ChartRequest’s website, or by calling their office at 888.895.8366