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Dec 8, 2014

mark_hurwichMark started Concentrated Coaching in 2012 to serve entrepreneurs, innovative business leaders, and writers/other creatives who've gotten “stuck” or de-energized. They have something important to do. The skills do it. But it’s not happening or it’s way too hard. Examples include getting started on a new business initiative that keeps getting deferred, overcoming writer's block, or transcending networking phobias or wounds from workplace abuse. Mark applies specialized tools in a very concentrated way, so that a few hours, his clients see such blocks to creative expression vanish. What they’ve been struggling to do becomes what they love to do.

Mark had been a Partner with The London Perret Roche Group, llc., (LPR), which he joined in 2010 with 32 years’ experience in global business strategy, sales and marketing tactics, and incentive/organizational design in situations from start-ups to multinationals. At LPR, he helped organizations unleash breakthrough business results by developing behaviors, practices, and attitudinal shifts essential to a culture of high performance and innovation. Previously, Mark was VP Professional Services at marketRx (a Cognizant company) applying analytics to support strategy execution. He was also Group Leader at the strategy advisory firm, Monitor Group; a Senior Partner and Vice President at CSC Healthcare; a Vice President with The Wilkerson Group (merged with IBM Healthcare); a Principal at Towers Perrin; and a lecturer at New York University.

Mark earned a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and also has Master Practitioner-level certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Mark enjoys yoga, dance, cooking, golf and meditation, and has been a frequent speaker and author with more than 50 speeches and contributions to over 20 written pieces.

00:00 Mark talks about what he’s up to lately.
01:00 Mark talks about his career in the health industry, and how he entered his current career path.
02:45 How Mark got interested in coaching and what led to his current work.
05:30 The many changes emerging in healthcare, healthcare IT, healthcare reimbursement, etc, and how the concept of “entrepreneur’s” block may translate into these types of changes.
06:50 How this affects innovation.
8:00 “Break-through innovation doesn’t come from the same place as incremental ‘innovation’.”
10:00 Mark discusses his consulting process.
12:45 How Mark incorporates the rules of Improv Comedy to build a company’s goals and discover solutions to their problems.
17:20 Mark’s suggestions for how to overcome their fears in tackling tasks that feel bigger than themselves.
22:00 The strange lack of passion in the healthcare industry, and how the industry can get past this lack and grow in passion for their work.
23:30 Mark gives suggestions to better understand the humanity within the healthcare space as a way to build passion and compassion.
24:40 Getting curious about our fears and where our setbacks lie within those fears.
27:00 How to apply Mark’s advice to a specific job, role, or task.
27:40 Ask yourself, “What are the things I didn’t realize I had permission to do?”
28:10 How to actionably see how you might be holding yourself back within your own job.
29:50 The importance of creating a free-form stream of questions when evaluating the work challenges in front of you and jumping hurdles within your job.
31:30 Ask yourself, “What is it that I’ve learned on this journey?” Even if that journey is only two hours down the job road. Constantly reflect on what you’re doing within your job.
34:15 You can find Mark on Check out his resources page for exercises you can do on your own.
35:15 Mark gives out links to other resources on his site as well.