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Nov 19, 2014

trond_waernessTrond Waerness is the Vice President of Business Development at MedVantx, which is the leading provider within point-of-care medication adherence and direct-to-patient consumer engagement programs, through its MedStart™ Connect Cabinets, pharmacist staffed call center and two mail order pharmacies.

Trond has 18 plus years of marketing, operations, sales and sales management experience within the pharmaceutical industry, both on the manufacturer side and the vendor/services side. He has worked for two of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, and has also been involved in launching two pharmaceutical startup companies.

Having worked in, and been exposed to nearly every aspect of the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry, Trond is able to draw on that experience when trying to overcome challenges within medication access, promotion and adherence. He has a strong passion for the pharmaceutical industry in general, how it can be improved, and how we can reduce the cost of healthcare in the US through disruptive innovation, efficiencies and new thinking.

LinkedIn: Trond Waerness



00:00 Trond talks about who he is and his career journey.
1:00 Trond talks adherence.
1:20 Symptomatic vs. Asymptomatic diseases.
2:15 “We estimate that less than 50% of patients adhere to their prescriptions and medication regimens.”
5:50 How MedVantx might improve adherence.
6:15 What Primary Adherence is.
7:00 What a Medstart Connect Cabinet is, where it is located, how it works and helps.
8:45 “There is a huge drop off of the number of prescriptions that are written and the number that are picked up at the pharmacy.”
11:00 Things that MedVantx is attempting to improve upon in healthcare.
12:30 The different types of health systems that MedVantx works with, and how.
18:30 “We have to be diplomatic in our approach.”
19:15 The big benefits of having Medstart Connect Cabinets in your health system.
19:50 There is a lot of responsibility in having these prescription drugs sitting in a closet.
20:30 The benefits of Medstart Connect Cabinets for the patients and ultimately health system quality standards.
21:40 Health Systems that use Medstart Connect Cabinets have seen improvement in their star ratings.
23:00 “Only about 8 or 9% of patients in this country use mail-order pharmacies.”
23:20 Because of this, there is little to no competition between MedVantx and regular, walk-in pharmacies.
24:00 The types of data that MedVantx collects.
25:20 Who MedVantx shares this data with and why.
27:45 Who pays for this program adherence.
30:00 “The healthcare industry has changed so much in the last five years, no one can be sure what the future holds, but one thing we do know is the work that we do in the healthcare space right now is very very good.”
31:10 Trond’s advice for businesses wanting to develop strategies for pushing their medication.
33:00 You can reach Trond on LinkedIn, via his email, and find out more about MedVantx online at