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Nov 3, 2014

ali_zamanAli Zaman is co-founder and CEO of Docsap, an online marketplace for subscription-based primary care. He and a team of Brown University students launched Docsap during the summer of 2014 to help patients find primary care doctors offering comprehensive primary care for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Ali is also a Master of Public Health student at Brown University and deeply passionate about improving the current state of primary care. Prior to Brown, Ali completed his undergraduate studies in neuroscience at the University of Miami.

Twitter: @docsaphealth

00:15 Vocabulary baseline: Direct Subscription Model
2:20 Difference from the Concierge Model
5:30 Patients can see exactly what they’re paying for and exactly what they’re getting with a personal model.
9:00 Why Ali started Docsap.
10:00 A team of students from Brown and student designers are creating this app.
11:20 Why and how a rise of a Direct Subscription Model will improve outcomes in healthcare.
12:20 How a Direct Subscription Model works in terms of payment for both patient and provider.
14:00 The benefits of this model and the experience that comes with using a Direct Subscription business model.
18:00 How this works for pharmaceutical products.
19:00 Physicians are working hard to provide their own vertical networks.
19:30 “They’re really on the same team, the doctor and the patient.”
19:40 Bundle payments: what they are and why this is different from the Direct Subscription Model.
20:20 Bundle payments vs. Fee for Service
21:40 Primary care doctors are trying to break off their relationship with insurance companies to become more independent with managing patient payments.
23:00 The kinds of technology that physicians employing the Direct Subscription Model are using.
24:00 Ali’s advice for listeners and physicians who are thinking about switching over to this payment business model.
25:30 You can find out more at, or by emailing Ali directly at