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Oct 28, 2014

bina_eggenspergerBina Eggensperger
Chairman – Committee on Governance ~ American Hospital Association
Trustee – Montana Hospital Association
Trustee – Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Western Regional Trustee Symposium Organizing Committee
Chair Elect – Leadership Development Committee ~ American Hospital Association

Bina is passionate about trustee education and has presented to various groups on healthcare governance. She was a member of a Blue Ribbon Panel for AHA that published “Governance Practices in an Era of Healthcare Transformation” in 2012.

Bina and her husband Tom are publishers at Ledger Publishing Co., Inc. where they produce a weekly newspaper, The Sanders County Ledger and she works with clients to improve marketing presence.


00:20 Bina explains what a Trustee of a Hospital is and does.
3:18 Bina explains the boards that she personally serves on.
4:20 What the Western Regional Trustee Symposium is and does.
7:10 Some of the “hot topics” for the symposium this year; transitional governance.
8:30 Physician integration.
9:14 Community benefit reports and hospitals.
12:00 The ideal board of Trustees and the three areas that a board participates in.
14:00 What Generative Governance is all about.
18:45 An effective size for a Board of Trustees.
19:25 Some of the quality issues that Boards are struggling with this year.
20:00 The bulk of many boards around the nation are non-health professionals.
21:00 “Getting Boards on Board.”
21:30 Readmission is a huge issue for hospital boards right now.
21:50 Injuries from falls, reduction in mobility, healthcare disparities are all issues being addressed right now as well.
22:50 What addressing these concerns is driven by; government derived standards and reimbursement concerns.
23:40 “It’s not just about reimbursement, it’s about providing excellent quality patient care.”
24:10 Important for boards not to address everything all at once, but narrow the focus to a few issues and their quality first.
25:20 Bina’s board meets monthly and looks at their standards every month.
26:40 “Eyes and ears and hands out.”
28:30 “Every hospital needs a quality committee.”
29:00 Important things we should know about the Board of Trustees of a hospital.
31:00 If someone is interested in being a trustee, they can go to, under ‘key relationships’ and then ‘trustees and community leadership’. There they can find a number of resources to answer their questions.