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Apr 27, 2017

Melissa McCool is the co-founder and CEO of Stellicare Corporation.

In 2009, Melissa developed Symptom Targeted Intervention (STI), a clinical program used in thousands of US medical clinics to improve the behavioral determinants of health.

Since then, she has written and produced numerous articles, videos, and books and has trained thousands of clinicians around the US and Canada on how to implement STI into clinical practice.

Melissa is also an EMDR-trained psychotherapist with a specialization in treating trauma.

Her degrees are from UCSD and Columbia University.

00:00 Patient Adherence - Why Patients don’t adhere.
03:45 Patient fears.
05:45 Normalizing Patient fears.
07:15 Figuring out the more effective and less effective ways of addressing underlying emotions driving patient behavior.
08:30 What else drives Patient Behavior.
10:50 How the 80/20 Rule changes with Value-Based Care.
12:00 Patient Behavior Problems.
15:00 “I didn’t focus on what I thought the patient needed to change, I asked the patient what they thought they needed to work on.”
18:00 Reducing Stress and Improving Adherence.
19:00 The domino effect with Patient Behavior.
21:00 Helping Patients in five minute increments.
23:40 Quality Indicators and A1Cs.
26:30 “Moving the needle,” with “the 20%”.
28:00 Messaging according to Patient Engagement.
30:00 “Our instinct is to work with sweet, cooperative patients.”