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Apr 13, 2017

Darren Pearce serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Ambulatory & Retail Services  for Navicent Health, an academic medical system including a Level 1 Trauma center, multiple rural acute outposts and post-acute offerings located in Central Georgia.

A proud Navy veteran, Darren Pearce started his early career as a Registered Nurse and  went on to complete his MBA as he transitioned from direct clinical work into the business of healthcare. Working for Navicent for close to 10 years,  he served in various healthcare executive leadership roles across the Navicent Health system of care including ambulatory/retail, rural-setting acute care and post-acute rehabilitation where he has consistently demonstrated an innate ability to challenge the current state and create practical innovations to address both quality and service improvements.

Darren’s emphasis on mentoring frontline change agents to address culture barriers for improved clinical and business outcomes has become his trademark.  His results in the areas of financial and quality improvements in rural settings has been recognized nationally.

00:00 Why Rural Healthcare can be more expensive to provide than Urban Care.
03:30 Why working in Partnership is more important to Healthcare than creating competition.
05:45 Picking up the Value left behind by competing hospitals.
07:20 Changing Culture, Satisfaction, and Outcomes as the three directives to drive Success.
08:20 Create Happy People by Creating Engagement.
09:00 The Quantifiable results of having a happy staff.
11:45 Successful Engagement with Hospital Staff.
16:00 Success from demonstrating Success.
17:45 Accelerating Customer Satisfaction.
21:00 Rural Determinants of Health and Hospital Outcomes.
23:20 The Population Health challenges of serving a population with lower literacy rates.
25:30 “If we care, we need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”
28:00 Why Preventative Health Initiatives helps the growth of Hospitals.
29:15 “You better be ready to Pivot; things can change in a heartbeat.”
29:30 “Everybody has to move.”