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Mar 2, 2017

Eric Rosow serves as CEO of Diameter Health.  He has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare technology, new venture creation and executive management. Prior to co-founding Diameter Health, Eric served as the VP and General Manager of the Patient Flow business unit for Eclipsys and Allscripts. Preceding that, Eric was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Premise, a company he co-founded and led through its sale to Eclipsys. Before founding Premise, Eric was the Director of Biomedical Engineering at Hartford Hospital.

Eric is passionate about building high performance entrepreneurial teams that challenge the status quo and create disruptive, yet pragmatic healthcare IT innovations.

A native of Avon, CT, Eric earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College, and a MS in Biomedical Engineering from the Hartford Graduate Center/Rensselaer in Hartford. He holds several patents and has authored more than 50 academic papers, several book chapters and a textbook on virtual bioinstrumentation.

At the community level, as a former member of the U.S. National Rowing Team and an active Masters rower, Eric volunteers as a varsity crew coach for the Avon High School Rowing Program, which he helped co-found in 2007. He is also an active participant in the Pan Mass Challenge, an annual bike-a-thon that raises money for life-saving cancer research and treatment.

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00:00 Eric’s intention when he began his start-up.
03:25 The big Data Analytics players in the industry right now.
07:00 “Can you identify that across all these different environments?”
07:30 Leveraging and improving Interoperability and turning it into Semantic Interoperability.
09:20 The ability to unify, to duplicate, to enrich, and provide a common single data set with Clinical Concepts.
11:50 Incorrect Data vs. Incorrect Syntax or Vocabulary.
12:30 A fatal Semantic Interoperability error.
14:00 Eric discusses EMPI functionality from Diameter Health’s Normalization Engine called ‘Fusion.
17:30 Adding Claims Data.
18:15 Turning Clinical Data into something a Physician can trust.
19:45 Diameter Health’s Super CCD.
20:00 Diameter Health’s partnership with the Physician-led HIE, Kansas Health Information Network.
23:00 “We really endeavor to provide a single screen, that provides a single, normalized view of each of the sections from that normalized set of CCDs for that patient, for that encounter.”
27:45 You can find out more information at
28:00 Why ‘Diameter’.