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Feb 2, 2017

A 27-year veteran of managed-markets marketing, David is the President/CEO of Pinnacle Health Communications. After working in consumer marketing with AT&T and healthcare publishing with Elsevier, David made the move to medical advertising and communications at K.I. Lipton, Inc. Subsequently, he became a cofounder of Pinnacle. David is an accomplished strategist, providing innovative customer marketing, access, quality, and health intervention solutions for large clients and has directed the development of numerous industry-leading campaigns in primary care and specialty markets. He has supported clients in disease areas that include oncology (Bristol Myers Squibb [BMS], Novartis, Eisai), virology (BMS, Merck & Co.), pharmacy (American Pharmacists Association, Merck, Novartis), and blood disorders (Novo Nordisk), to name a few. David has helped more than 15 clients achieve top rankings in their respective categories. He is also an active member of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

00:00 Comparing Pharma and Life Sciences to Tech Companies is like comparing apples to oranges.
03:15 “People are hedging their bets relative to where the volume sits.”
03:30 “What does inviting less risk mean?”
04:20 Making informed decisions based on Market Shift Data.
06:20 The doubling number of customers intending to adopt Value-Based Care Reimbursement Initiatives.
06:50 “Timing is what’s paramount here.”
07:30 Customers don’t only want to talk about brands, they want to talk Patient Care and Optimizing Outcomes.
08:10 “How are you Customer-Centric if you’re leading every conversation with the brand?”
10:00 Patient Care, Patient Outcomes, Market Share, Profitability and Reimbursement.
13:15 “Don’t presume that your timeline equates to their timeline.”
14:30 “What is the most conservative approach?”
14:50 “It’s a question of When, and To What Degree?”
17:00 The best way forward with Evidence-Based Pathways.
19:45 “Pharma does have a lot to offer.”
21:30 “Is there a Point of Prescribing?”
23:30 You can find out more information at