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Dec 8, 2016

Michelle Snyder_Welltok_280

Michelle Snyder leads all corporate marketing, brand development, marketing communications and public relations activities for Welltok. She is recognized as a marketing and strategy leader in the digital health space.

She was most recently an Executive-in-Residence at InterWest Partners, investing in digital health companies and serving as an advisor to InterWest portfolio companies. She was also one of the early executives at Epocrates and worked for over a decade to build the company into one of the leading mobile healthcare technology companies and the most recognized technology brand among clinicians. Previously, she worked as a health strategy consultant with the Wilkerson Group and in health policy formation and implementation with the Lewin Group and the Georgetown Center for Health Policy Studies.

Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

00:00 Defining Artificial Intelligence within the Healthcare Space.
03:45 What AI training is.
05:00 Why asking questions is key.
05:30 Who is Watson?
06:50 How Watson trains in real-time with consumer feedback.
07:45 The advantage of having an AI answering consumer questions instead of a live medical professional.
08:20 The benefits of Cognitive Computing.
09:10 How AI has the potential to Personalize Healthcare.
10:50 Welltok’s shortlist of things to improve.
12:30 How Watson can help consumers achieve their dietary goals.
13:40 How Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence go together.
14:40 Getting the right people to the right platform.
16:00 Figuring out High Risk Patients by analyzing a consumer’s personal viewpoints.
18:15 Predicting Patient Receptivity.
19:50 How Welltok’s platform works, even in the absence of Watson.
23:00 Offering a unique and relevant pathway.
25:00 Mapping out what is most important.
27:00 How varying rewards can affect Patient Engagement.
28:50 Why Michelle uses the term ‘Consumers,’ not ‘Patients.’
31:00 “30% of your health is genetic factors, but 70% is environmental.”
32:00 The difficulty in building a Health Platform around the idea of a Consumer, not a Patient.
33:00 You can find out more at, or by emailing Michelle at