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Sep 1, 2014

Robert WhiteRobert White is a healthcare administrator who has been working in medicine for over 25 years. He has managed physician groups and practices in Anesthesia, Pain Management, Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Retina Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine (with Primary Care/Hospitalists), Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Primary Care/Family Medicine. This wide array of medical specialties provides an ideal background for someone to understand the nature and utility of the GoGoHealth Environment for providers and patients.

Robert has been responsible for workflow design and optimization and enhancing the patient experience. He joined GoGoHealth in August of 2013 and has been working to develop the workflow integration model for product rollout. He has also concentrated on speaking with physicians and determining modifications to the product to meet the needs of the market.

Once the solution has been completed, Robert’s primary role will be to generate customers and implement GoGoHealth into their practices and workflows. He will be the primary trainer for staff and providers to insure successful rollout. Robert will also continue his role as CFO, managing the financial and revenue systems for GoGoHealth.

Robert will commit 100% effort to this project for the entire project period.

Twitter: @rwhite020 and @gogohealthllc

Facebook: gogohealthllc


0:00 Robert’s current role at GoGoHealth. Currently CFO; GoGoHealth is a start-up virtual-care company focused on establishing and strengthening the relationship between primary care doctors and their patients.

0:20 Robert’s journey before CFO at GoGoHealth. Worked at Massachusetts General Hospital for several years before “going rogue” in Hawaii, where Robert helped start up a retina surgery practice in downtown Honolulu.

1:40 “It makes good business sense to put the patient first.”

2:20 “The story” about Robert’s time in Hawaii: the state has a hard referral pattern to crack, but Robert and his coworkers reached out to the few doctors who were not referring their patients and told them each to refer five patients, and if it was not unanimous that the experience was the best they’d ever had, never send them another patient again.

03:30 The differences that size makes in the operation of an institution, particularly in considering patient care.

4:30 Robert decides to take his family back to the continental U.S. and lands in Florida.

5:00 How Robert landed at GoGoHealth.

5:35 What caught Robert’s eye about GoGoHealth: He liked that all parties were benefiting from GoGoHealth’s services.

6:15 What exactly GoGoHealth does—essentially an app for virtual care that allows you to skip the lines at the clinic if you’re sick and your symptoms are easily diagnosable.

8:30 New features are being added that will allow patients to use their phones as biometric devices.

10:10 About 60% of the people who log into GoGoHealth get their issues resolved without needing to visit the clinic.

10:40 GoGoHealth is asynchronous so that it’s not a drain to the doctor’s time.

11:20 How doctors are not losing money from a virtual care visit.

12:35 The CPT code for care reimbursement through the app.

14:20 GoGoHealth’s goal is to allow doctors to spend more time with patients who really need to see the doctor, while taking care of common illnesses virtually that don’t necessarily need an in-person visit.

16:25 A day in the life of a provider who uses GoGoHealth.

18:45 How GoGoHealth is evaluated.

19:40 GoGoHealth is not a patient portal; they offer other services and benefits that allows GoGoHealth to plug into EHR systems.

20:15 What GoGoHealth looks like from a patient standpoint and a provider standpoint.

22:45 With GoGoHealth’s full integration, whether the visit is virtual or not, it goes on record as if it was an in-office visit.

23:20 Value to payers: GoGoHealth can save millions of dollars by routing patients to the appropriate level of care they really need.

25:50 Robert’s advice to new healthcare entrepreneurs.

27:20 Cool things ahead for GoGoHealth, including going commercial.

27:50 GoGoHealth’s financial strategy for getting the company on its feet.