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Sep 22, 2016

Dave Chase_280Here's a description of the film:

The Big Heist is a satirical, follow-the-money film on the destruction created by healthcare’s status quo…. And the redemption that’s coming. It will create hope and catalyze action to thwart the greatest immediate and future threat to our country. We’ve gone to war for less than what the healthcare status quo has done and is still doing to our country.
The Big Heist = The Big Short + An Inconvenient Truth for our broken healthcare system.
The problem: We all know healthcare is broken. But most of us don’t know why, how much damage it causes, or that we can fix it.
The solution: The Big Heist follows the money to answer these questions. A shocking inside look at how healthcare’s financial incentives are bringing our country to its knees by wasting trillions of dollars and how we can fix it.
Existing films don’t follow the money This is why people think fixing healthcare is impossible. Healthcare films are also too wonky or partisan and typically lack the humor to reach broad audiences.
The storyline
  • What: The healthcare status quo has caused widespread damage in every corner of our country and economy.
  • Why: Follow the money. Nearly all damage has been caused by economic rewards that incentivize bad behavior. Some organizations and people have taken these incentives to appalling extremes.
  • How: The replicable fixes already exist and have been implemented by forward-leaning people and organizations.
  • Action: How every person affected by its damage can take action to fix it.

00:00 Dave is Relentless Health Value’s very first second-time guest!
01:35 Dave’s new documentary film, “The Big Heist”.
02:00 Health 2.0 in Santa Clara Sept. 25th, where Zdoggmd will interview Dave.
03:00 You can find Zdoggmd on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well.
04:20 What is the ‘Heist’?
05:50 “We don’t have a debt problem, we have a healthcare problem.”
06:10 The multiple “levels” of the ‘Heist’.
06:30 Dave’s goal with “The Big Heist”.
07:30 “We’ve gone to war for far less than what healthcare is doing to individuals in our country.”
08:00 The Health Rosetta.
08:45 How to fight the Status Quo.
11:50 “Healthcare is an industry that can sometimes feel very entitled.”
12:30 The ‘whodunit’ of “The Big Heist”.
14:00 The “ripples of the pond” audience within “The Big Heist” movement.
17:10 The point of the film to educate, empower, and build awareness.
17:40 “Inform, Enrage, Empower, Activate.”
18:20 The Health Rosetta Principles.
20:00 How one man changed the health policy in his business and is now spending 55% less per capita on a benefits package that’s better than 99% of the workforce.
23:40 Naturally leading to better outcomes and lower costs.
24:30 How Health 2.0 has overcorrected.
25:20 “Fix a process before you throw technology on top of it.”
26:30 Value-Based Primary Care.
28:00 You can find out more information @chasedave and @thebigheist on Twitter and LinkedIn, and