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Jul 25, 2016

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD is an independent consultant pharmacist living in Arkansas with her husband and daughter. She is the founder of Pharmapreneur Academy, an online teaching platform where she guides pharmacist-entrepreneurs through the process and barriers of building a pharmacy consulting business. She is the author of How to Build a Pharmacy Consulting Business, a contributing author for Pharmacy Times and guest host on the Pharmacy Podcast. More information about Dr. Thielemier can be found on her website

00:00 What MTM - Medical Therapy Management - is.
01:30 How a Health Plan determines which Pharmacy an MTM goes to.
02:45 Only one Pharmacy per Patient can offer a CMR - Comprehensive Medication Review.
03:00 CMRs only occur once a year.
04:00 What happens if a Pharmacy doesn’t fulfill its CMR responsibilities within 21 days.
05:00 The difference between Mirixa and MTM.
05:50 The infinite number of Pharmacy Dispensing Systems.
07:30 How to define ‘Community Pharmacy.’
08:20 Implementing MTM programs, and why some Patients have never had a CMR.
09:30 Blair’s role in helping pharmacies implement MTM programs.
12:15 Why Pharmacists and Pharmacies want to implement MTM programs.
13:00 Blair’s choice to move from a dispensing-only career in pharmacy to focusing on clinical services.
13:30 Value-Based Care, and pharmacy’s relevance to the Value-Based Care movement.
14:50 What reimbursement looks like through Medicare Part D.
21:00 What a MTM visit looks like.
23:45 How OTC - Over The Counter - Medicines play a part in a CMR.
24:30 “We really try to look at the patient as a whole person.”
25:30 How mail-order factors into MTM.
27:00 “It really doesn’t matter what pharmacy you pick, but just pick one and stick with it.”
28:00 What Physicians can do to collaborate with Pharmacists and Pharmacies.
33:15 Blair discusses the Pharmacy Podcast, Pharmacy Consulting, and her e-course, Pharmapreneur Academy.