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Jan 31, 2019

Louis Morrow is regional director of sales for Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), the leading comprehensive solution provider of diagnostic telemedicine services committed to ending preventable blindness due to diabetic eye disease. Louis was one of the earliest builders at IRIS and has played a major role in saving the eyesight of over 55,000 patients (so far) through the partnerships built with major health systems and integrated delivery networks across the country. He’s an award-winning consultative sales team leader with more than 20 years of successful experience in the eye care space and has held senior sales leadership positions across multiple companies.

Tiffany Wandy is executive director of the Clinically Integrated Network for LifeBridge Health, a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore and its surrounding counties. LifeBridge Health consists of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, LifeBridge Health & Fitness, hundreds of primary care and specialty physicians throughout the region, and many affiliated health-related partners. Prior to joining LifeBridge, Tiffany was a senior data analyst and lead program consultant for the CareFirst Patient-Centered Medical (PCMH) Program, where she served as an adviser to primary care providers on best practices relating to the implementation of coordinated care delivery models. Tiffany has both payer and provider experience and leverages this knowledge to drive increased use of analytics, business development, and practice transformation for rural, suburban, and urban organizations.

01:34 What is IRIS?
02:46 IRIS’s goal to end preventable blindness.
03:11 What IRIS looks like in clinic.
05:33 What LifeBridge Health is.
06:17 When Tiffany realized it would be important to implement IRIS into LifeBridge Health’s practices.
06:50 How preventative eye care can save practices and patients money in the long run.
07:36 How health systems are seeing the cost of social determinant burdens.
08:31 How IRIS helped LifeBridge Health identify these costs and solutions.
09:26 Finding practices most likely to succeed in LifeBridge Health’s pilot.
10:43 How to articulate “The Why” in LifeBridge Health’s pilot.
12:14 Tiffany’s advice to anyone thinking about rolling out an initiative with IRIS or something like them.
12:30 The importance of having access to great data.
12:49 The importance of physician engagement.
12:59 Thinking about the time medical assistants (MAs) have to devote to pilot screenings.
14:12 LifeBridge Health’s expansion strategy.
15:57 Capturing more patients and bringing them in network.