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Sep 27, 2018

James is the founder and managing director of Fitzroy Health, a leading international health care investment and commercialization firm. He has served as an executive, entrepreneur, and investor in health care firms across numerous international markets. James sits on the boards of RJ Health Systems, DosedDaily, Salute Safety, and Flex Health. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at The Wharton School 2009 WEC Expo and has been profiled by the Financial Times. James holds a BA from The University of Melbourne and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

01:40 The significant value in health systems that Fitzroy Health is looking to unlock.
03:05 Examples of operational excellence within health systems.
03:59 Incremental innovation.
04:33 The return on innovation, or ROI—return on investment in innovation.
04:49 The Navicent example.
06:22 Other examples of commercialized activity.
07:26 The demand in the market.
10:13 The relevance of solutions built in hospitals.
11:48 The motivation for competitive health systems to assist one another.
15:17 What can give a business a leg up in a hospital system.
15:42 Why Fitzroy Health’s work is timely and important for health systems right now.
17:39 Why traditional revenue models aren’t working any longer.
19:49 “No margin, no mission.”
20:47 Helping hospitals through this transition phase.
21:15 Reimbursable revenue.
22:52 “Why would I ever go to another hospital to become more efficient?”
23:42 Moving a solution from one care setting to another care setting.
25:26 “Hard is bad when you’re trying to start a company.”
25:35 Behavior change as the make-or-break criterion in health care businesses.