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Aug 23, 2018

Seth Painter
Seth is a senior-level business development, sales, and marketing professional at IQVIA, a leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions, and contract research services focused on using data and science to help health care clients find better solutions for their patients. Seth’s background is unique, having sold for and to pharmaceutical companies in addition to having extensive hospital sales experience. As a health care and marketing expert who specializes in consumer insights, marketing effectiveness, and media innovation, Seth works with pharmaceutical, agency, and media organizations to provide targeting, optimization, and measurement for patient/health care provider campaigns.

Anton Yarovoy
A science nerd turned marketing creative, Anton is behind numerous innovative campaigns, including “Color for the Kids!” and “Be Heard!” With over 18 years of experience across academia and industry, his unique and unexpected multichannel projects empower health care providers to be advocates for the products they use. He has a degree in biochemistry, biology, and neuroscience from Brandeis University and an MBA from Montclair State University, and speaks on the role of digital marketing in the health care space.

Alec Pettifer
Alec consults with pharmaceutical and life science industry clients to deliver actionable insights to drive business performance. With hundreds of successful projects completed, Alec joined suAzio Consulting in 2017 as senior business consultant to use direct stakeholder engagement to optimize co-creation of patient support programs and digital health solutions. Alec is passionate about patient centricity and is an active member of and volunteer for The Aurora Project. He leverages 20+ years’ experience with traditional and cutting-edge methods to support patient-focused drug development. Alec earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Rowan University and has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and North America throughout his career. 

Joe Shields
As an Emmy Award–winning filmmaker and digital pioneer, Joe infuses storytelling with technology to systematically move audiences to action. Applying his unique perspective to business, he has led global marketing, new product development, digital strategy, and enterprise innovation for Fortune 100 companies in specialty chemicals, telecommunications, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics. He is currently president and cofounder of Health Accelerators, a business-to-business marketing services agency supporting suppliers to life sciences companies.

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