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Feb 22, 2018

John Lynn is the founder of the network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 11,000 articles with John having written over half of the articles himself. These EMR and health care IT-related articles have been viewed over 18 million times.

John also manages and, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. He also organized the first of its kind conference and community focused on marketing to healthcare: Plus, he just launched Health IT Expo, a conference focused on practical health care IT innovation.

John is an advisor to multiple health care IT companies and a highly sought-after keynote speaker. John is deeply involved in social media and, in addition to his blogs, can be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit.

John is giving Relentless Health Value listeners a $600 promo code for Health IT Expo.
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00:00 Focusing on bettering and evolving the day-to-day.
03:30 Discussing innovations beyond the disruptive innovations.
06:20 “We shouldn’t stop iterating on what we’ve already invented.”
07:00 “How do we improve our existing system?”
8:11 Ray Dalio’s “Principles: Life and Work.”
10:40 The stepwise improvements of health care.
16:45 The difficulty of recognizing and documenting incremental innovation.
21:00 Service Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Outcome-driven Innovation, and Organization Innovation
21:15 Telemedicine and Value-Based Reimbursement Models
21:30 People management solutions.
22:15 Barcode medication management systems.
23:50 Growing change management.
24:20 Making change approachable and the key to preventing impediments to change.
26:30 Practical advice for practical innovation.
28:15 “How do we allow vendors to become part of this process?”
29:00 Creating a collaborative relationship between an IT health professional and vendors.
29:27 “How can I improve what I’m doing?”
30:45 You can learn more at and at
31:40 Use the promo code RELENTLESS to get $600 off of the Health IT Expo registration price.