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Jul 20, 2017

Julie is an executive pharmaceutical leader with over 20 years of experience across all phases of development both on the commercial and research sides of the organization. She leverages her Masters in Business Administration and Doctorate of Pharmacy to develop and deliver strategic patient-centric value propositions to optimize patient access and improve outcomes in patients with difficult to treat diseases leading to longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Her years of experience in global and US payer markets provides Julie with intimate knowledge of the current and evolving payer and market access landscape in the US and around the globe. She has led the development and execution of several outcomes-based contracts with 3 of the largest national payer organizations in the US.
Dr. Locklear is well published, having authored >30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and >60 peer-reviewed abstracts presented as posters at major scientific congresses.

00:00 Innovation in Pharma.
04:00 “Improving patient outcomes is the goal.”
04:50 The key elements to a Value-Based contract.
05:15 “The Payer is going to need to be able to collect data.”
06:00 Look at available literature.
07:30 “Success really just means ability and feasibility.”
09:10 Review the efficacy and effectiveness of a drug.
10:00 Advice for barriers Julie has encountered.
13:00 Looking at adherence over time before looking at the actual outcome.
17:45 Patient Outcomes that matter.
18:50 The accelerating pace of Value-Based agreements.
20:30 “The right drug for the right patient at the right time.”
24:45 “The number is much larger than what you’re seeing in the public domain.”
25:00 Two examples of these Value-Based contracts.
28:00 How Action Plans change for different Payers and Stakeholders.