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Feb 19, 2019

Tom Kottler is co-founder and chief executive officer of HealthPrize Technologies, the leading cloud-based patient experience and adherence platform for life science companies. In collaboration with CEEK Enterprises, HealthPrize recently released a new report, “The Pharmaceutical Triple Aim,” showing how 21 of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies can increase revenue and boost earnings per share with improved adherence. Tom has led multiple high-growth organizations during his career, including Advanced BioHealing, which was acquired by Shire for $750 million, and MedAptus, an innovative health care IT company based in Boston.

01:10 A new study on medication nonadherence.
02:36 The pharmaceutical triple aim.
02:47 The 4 ways Pharma can make money.
03:04 The pressure on the key elements of the pharma business model.
03:45 The big revenue opportunities for Pharma and how they’re really difficult things to solve for.
05:39 “Adherent patients get better outcomes, and they cost less … all the way around.”